If you want your company to be seen world wide the Internet is the ideal place. But don't think just being there is all there is to it. Your site will be along side millions of others offering products, services and information.

To compete you need to be noticed. A simple well-designed site is much more effective than a poor elaborate one. Your site should be quick and easy to access, well organised and easy to navigate with the correct balance of text, graphics and technical functionality.

imigen's aim is to provide a professional service to companies and individuals, looking to make an impression on the World Wide Web. Combining quality design and knowledge to create compelling, practical solutions.

The Internet is vast, offering something for everyone from entertainment and information to advertising and sales. We can help make your venture into it both easy and rewarding, with results that are effective and beneficial.

Projects large and small

We will work on most projects whatever the size, from small personal or business sites, to larger corporate ones.

We can provide services to meet most budgets.

Using technology to your advantage

There are many technologies available, but not all will be of benefit to a company. Elaborate animations, video and complex graphics are all useful when used appropriately. We will advise on the best combination of features for your design, incorporating enough technology to be beneficial. There are many sites with feature-ridden extras, fancy programming and complex scripts only visible on the latest equipment and software. This is fine if you want to limit your customer base with excessive download times, browser incompatibility or the need for lots of plug-ins.

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